SOLAR Project


Close to 20 years of load shedding – that is the story of many South Africans and ours at Cresset House. Over these years, we’ve tried and tested many ways to make the most of a tough situation
– but with no clear end in sight, we are reaching out to our community to join hands with us in implementing a long term and sustainable solution, the Cresset House Solar Farm.

How we’ve Navigated Loadshedding

As with many vulnerable communities, loadshedding has an overtly negative impact on our villager’s welfare and wellbeing.
As entrusted caregivers, our management team and staff have turned every stone to help ease the impact of power outages
while remaining environmentally responsible in the process.

Some of the solutions that we have implemented include, amongst others, the following:
• Using gas plate stoves for each of the houses,
• Using LED lights was always in our efforts to use power efficiently, and
• Using geyser blankets to keep bath water hot in the event of overnight outages.

But with 51 villagers, we need a more comprehensive solution that will help us provide quality care for our villagers.
Our vision is to feed a constant supply of electricity to each of the houses, our administration block and the workshop through an ecosystem that is sustainable and aligns with our eco-friendly ethos.

Our vision was to build the Cresset House Solar Farm using #CressetGoesSolar to mobilise awareness to everyone in our community.

Why We're Going Solar?

Village and Villager Welfare

Uninterrupted power supply will allow us to run with minimal impact to our resources such as food, stimulating workshops and villager wellbeing.

Safety and Security

As a community that lives on a smallholding, a solar farm would keep our security detail active and reduce the risk of break-ins which are increase.

Reduced Reliance of and Costs of the Grid

Our reliance on Eskom and monthly electricity bill will reduce drastically, allowing us to gain long-term operating cost benefits.

Going Greener

In addition to our newly enhances water purification system, the solar farm will further reduce our carbon emissions.

Sunny Solar Days

On days there the African sun is it out in all its glory, our community will be fully powered by the solar farm, further reducing pressure on the national grid.

Invitation to Partner with Us

With all factors costed, the Cresset House Solar Farm requires an investment of R2 300 000. While this is a massive financial undertaking by anyone’s imagination, the vision of this project offers far greater benefits to our Villagers and community.
An extremely generous donation of R600 000 from an anonymous donor, gave us the massive boost to go ahead with the solar project.


We are almost there!


As a registered NPO, we offer Section 18A tax certificates which enable donors to claim tax rebates on their generosity.


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